Training & Education Resources

Nov 18, 2020

We know the film provides an opportunity for inspiring conversation and reflection and opens the door for a deeper dive into a number of critical topics for improvement in healthcare.  The film can (and has been) used for education and training by a number of different organizations and institutions in a number of different ways.  We want to share what went well (and what to avoid) when using the film for training and education so that we can set up future facilitators, educators or trainers for success. 

We have started to compile a list of resources that can be used along with the film to teach teamwork, communication, patient safety, etc.  Here is the link to view the list

I am hoping that this list will continue to grow so if you have any resources you would like to share please add to the list by filling out this form:

We would love to hear your ideas and feedback as well.  Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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