By now it is likely that you have received many year-in-review emails like this one. The messages that filled our inbox included words to describe 2020 like: unprecedented, surreal, unpredictable, overwhelming, challenging, relentlessly grim, disorienting, exhausting… it truly was a year unlike any other. While these descriptions are valid, we also reflect on the inspiring stories, accomplishments, innovations, and increased collaboration that are all reasons why we are looking forward to 2021.

We have also been thinking a lot about all of the healthcare providers that we have met over the years and we are truly grateful for the work they are doing and hope that everyone is safe, coping, and healthy throughout this pandemic.

Like many, in March we went from having a schedule filled with travel, in-person events and conferences to joining everything from home. The flip to virtual has had its pros and cons. We are grateful that we can continue to share the film and to connect with participants across the country, but we do miss the face-to-face conversations and the ability to see and feel the impact of the film has on audiences.

Even though the last 10 months looked a lot different than the original plan, we are happy with what we were still able to accomplish. In 2020 we did 63 screenings with 39 of those delivered online during the pandemic. We had approximately 5000 audience members in 2020 and we were able to join every one of the post-film discussions.  We also co-developed a statement of principles for Personal Health Information which is an area that we believe is critically important.

Additionally, here are statistics that have been compiled since the release of the film:


366 Screenings    66 Classes 

14 Schools World wide trailer views 36 Conferences

We are so grateful that we have been able to join almost all of the 366 post-film discussions and we have learned so much from those conversations. In 2021 we want to share more about what we have learned and to continue conversations about the future of our healthcare systems that are sparked every time we share the film. 

This is the time of year to prioritize and plan and though the likely reality is that 2021 isn’t going to be a lot easier than 2020 we are hopeful, and optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. Winston Churchill is often quoted saying "Never let a good crisis go to waste." The pandemic has exposed cracks, shuffled priorities, and disrupted “normal” operations.  We believe it also provides the opportunity to take a step back and ask what we really want from our healthcare systems in the long run, what is important, and what role we can all play in accomplishing that vision.

For many of you, it has likely been a long time since you heard from us. One of our commitments for 2021 is to do a better job of sharing updates and information with those who are interested.

One ask we have for you is to share with us a review of the film and, in particular, we would love to know if seeing the film had an impact on you and/or your organization.  We hope to gather quotes that can be shared that will encourage others to see and use the film. We have created a short form to gather input please consider sending us your thoughts.  

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